Praise For "Savant Garde"

"A gorgeously unpredictable blend of instrumental and vocal pieces marked by scattered beats, frequently shifting tempos and heavily textured instruments." Eye Magazine

"Understated drones and sparkling melodies get disrupted with brusquer beats in the finest Aphex Twin fashion, skittering rhythms find themselves caught up in soothing tones... There's something very promising here." All Media Guide

"One of the most jaw-dropping electronic releases of 2003, all studied cool and calculated drive... It's ingenious, it's heartfelt and it's fucking dramatic. I wish it went on forever." Splendid Magazine

"An almost perfect masterpiece from beginning to end." Pulse Mag

"A self-willed mixture crossing even the far-reaching borders of indietronic pop - far beyond a living-room project." DE:Bug

"Here, two worlds collide; one of breathy vocals and spherical ambience; another of nervous breakbeats and thundering percussion ... 'uneasy listening' hits the nail right on the head." Review from

< "These 10 well-produced titles marry electronic and organic wonder perfectly, but because the group are clearly perfectionists, one must apply careful attention while listening. The mix of styles is almost ironic, Savant Garde dances on the line between pop and and post modern, electronic music that reminds us of the shoegazers of the past - Imagine Slowdive remixed by Seefeel, or Arovane or Bola." Autres Directions