As though operating from a venn diagram of the sprawling, broken kingdoms of indie rock, and the desolate tundra of abrasive electronic esoterica, QuasiMojo's sound is at once elaborate, high-production-value soundscape, and flawed, intimate, and human.

Vocalist Maureen Spillane brings a human element to the work, oscillating between sweet sighs and burlesque belting - and the addition of multi-instrumentalist Locksley Taylor (also of Toronto space-rock outfit Sianspheric) adds an expansive, lilting quality to the chugging, clicking and whirring backdrops of kick'n'click laid down by Dean Williams.

The end result is something that when expressed physically, might resemble a Lego sculpture made out of organic matter - perfectly pieced together, yet just barely managing not to fall apart - both perfect, and wrecked, at once - music that owes as much spiritually to the enchanted churnings of the shoegaze era as it does to the catch-all IDM umbrella. You can hear the love put into this music at first listen - and it *will* win you over as well. This is cheerfully genre-bending music that calls you the next day, just to say that it had as good a time as you did. File under "Uneasy Listening".