2Track "Versys"
- 'contributed' a song for the opening credits of this by-all-acounts "trueschool freeskiing film". We don't ski, but it looks fun. more.

Take Her Down: Erotic Lesbian Oil Wrestling Party
- contributed original score to this high brow "peek into the secret slippery world of women's erotic wrestling". No shit. Secure your own shrinkwrapped copy.

Digital Gun Awards
- contributed music to Soo Won Lee's "The Case of X". Soo Won Lee kicks ass, and you can see more of her work here.

Quebec: Simply Put
- contributed three songs to the soundtrack of "Quebec: Simply Put" - a documentary about righteously indignant students who went and shook chainlink fences and took photographs of themselves being teargassed in Quebec, to apparently fight globalization. ATTNETION STUDENTS: YOUR CAMERAS WERE MADE IN TAIWAN. Click to download the soundtrack.

Over The Edge
- wrote original score for this fine film about an apparently cursed stretch of asphalt in Hamilton, Ontario. The fact that this movie was never heard of after being filmed and screened is almost as spooky as the film itself. Click to download the soundtrack.